Get in the picture with Znaptag

We are the leading in-image advertising specialist

We are a leading in-image advertising network. Our platform allows our premium publishers to monetize their online photos by serving hugely impactful ads from leading brands within the image itself. Working directly with advertisers and their agencies, we deliver the best return to all of our partners.

SEE IT FIRST with Znaptag

Our brains process visual cues up to ten times quicker than the written word and we can understand a picture in 0.1 seconds. Get your message noticed first, by placing it right inside the image.

Look for the BIG IMPACT

As 70% of all our sensory receptors are in our eyes, we are naturally drawn to pictures.

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SPOT the opportunity

On average, we only read 28% of words when we visit a web page. Pictures are a premium spot on any website.

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The best on site, is IN SIGHT

Advertising messages that sit natively within online images are 42% more likely to be seen than standard display advertising, and three times more effective at brand building.


Our in-image advertising solutions are a great way for advertisers to be in the heart of web content.

These creatively compelling solutions work across every platform and device.


Great partnerships are great for business, and our publishers can take advantage of our relationships with the likes of Getty Images and Spotify, while easily integrating content from third parties into our interactive Hot Spots.

SEE what we can do for you

Whether you're an advertiser, a publisher or simply a visitor to a website, we just know that you'll love what you see with Znaptag.