Integrate your message directly in the existing story

Place your ads where the audience is looking.

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Znaptag's in-image advertising solutions bring advertisers, publishers and audiences together
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How it works

Advertisers and brands launch in-image ad campaigns across Znaptag's network of publishers

Advertisers control where ads are shown by assigning keywords to the ads. Ads are then served automatically onto relevant images and sites across the network

Publishers are paid for every ad impression they generate. Integration is easy - simply paste a piece of code onto the sites and pages that you wish to have advertising on

Audiences are exposed to relevant, interactive, and unobtrusive advertising

Publishers earn top dollar from previously unused inventory, all while maintaining editorial integrity

Advertisers and brands get access to the last frontier of prime online real estate



Znaptag's in-image advertising solutions bring advertisers, publishers and audiences together

Maximize engagement
Maximize ROI

Many times higher CTR compared to traditional online spots.

Contextual advertising

Ads are contextually matched to image content or targeted by vertical.

In-image ads should really be part of your online marketing budget

Spend your marketing budget efficiently with in-image ads

Above the fold, in-content ad placement guarantees that the ad is seen. An impression is an actual impression as we only serve ads in images that are visible on-screen.

Innovative new ad formats, ranging from animated rich media ads to action triggered interactive tags, all served within photos

Analytics, tracking and third party tracking support

Use Znaptag's analytics to track your CPM campaigns.

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Znaptag's in-image advertising is beautiful, contextual and unintrusive

Make money from previously untapped real estate

Access premium advertiser budgets.

Cross-platform, cross-device - earn money off both PC and mobile device traffic

Increase volume, not irritation

Maintain the editorial integrity of your site

Set your own rules on how often ads will show

Use Znaptag's analytics to track your site performance.

Simply start an account and paste a piece of code to your HTML and you're good to go!

Let Znaptag automatically and seamlessly place relevant and contextual ads and tags on your photos.

Ads designed to be aesthetic and unobtrusive.