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Leverage your most valuable real estate with In-Image Advertising and instantly create more inventory to monetize.

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Put you message where it’s seen. Our ads are always in-view. Let Znaptag help you tell your story.

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Stock Photo Companies

Stock Photo Companies,
Track your photos and make money through Reverse Image Search. See what Znaptag can do for you.

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Monetize your images

Monetize previously untapped premium inventory - your imagery - and create new revenue streams for your organization.

Instead of competing for space with your content, or competing with your existing ad slots, Znaptag lets you generate extra revenue from your traffic by overlaying beautiful, contextually relevant and unobtrusive ads at the bottom of your imagery.

Znaptag provides tools, training, creatives and operations to support your sales team to deliver campaigns from beginning to end.

SaaS that simply works

Higher ROI
Start selling in-image campaigns now - an attractive SaaS pricing model ensures high ROIs.

Access an innovative and effective native ad product, delivering high performance and high CPMs.

Campaign support
Znaptag provides tools, training, creatives and operations to support your sales team to deliver campaigns from beginning to end.


Brands we work with

Znaptag’s in house sales team can help you bring premium in-image demand to your site. Ask us what we can do.

Programmatic too

With Znaptag’s in-image ad serving package you can instantly increase your programmatic inventory with minimum effort and at a nominal fee.

Work with your existing programmatic partners and channel demand through to your images. In-image advertising opens up new inventory that won’t fight with existing ad slots.

Add in-image formats to your site and start earning – it really is that simple!

Mobile advantage

Images are always premium content, but even more so on mobile devices. On mobile devices an image often takes up a large part of the screen, presenting a prime opportunity for advertising.

Small screens and limited network speeds has long presented a well known challenge in advertising - we have turned this challenge into an advantage.

By using a single ad-unit that scales and adjusts to image size and device while always preserving full functionality, such as video, we take the hassle out of monetizing mobile traffic, while providing a great user experience.


Album release-party

The album that got released yesterday got raving reviews from critics. The sun was shining and the release party close to the beach hosted not only the band but their managers, family and friends as well. Music was booming and dancing continued all through the night.

The lead singer had this to say: "I'm glad the album got such great reviews. We have worked hard the last year to make this happen and to finally be able to release it to the public has been a great experience. We really look forward to going on tour these next couple of months."


With almost endless creative possibilities, our beautiful ads are perfectly adapted to the photos they live on. Desktop and mobile alike - we deliver animated rich media ads on all devices and platforms.

Take a tour and explore our engaging and creative ad formats and get ideas on how Znaptag can help you tell your story.


In view

Our in-image ads are shown natively where users are already looking and trigger only when the image is in view. This leads to great performance and superior viewability.

In context

Just because ads are shown in-view, does not automatically mean that they are shown in the right place. Central to what makes our in-image advertising so effective, brand safe and unobtrusive is its relevance to the content the audience is already viewing.

Our contextual targeting technology in combination with partnerships with stock photo providers, where we access the original metadata of an image, lets us accurately match marketing messages to images.


Publishers we work with

Brand enhanced photos

Increase the power of your brands imagery. Layer brand created content on top of your photos to let them tell a more complete story. Let your audience discover, engage and interact with information inside your photos with Znaptag’s Hotspots.

With Znaptag’s proprietary reverse image search, the Hotspots will automatically appear anywhere in Znaptag’s network where the photos are published, without the need of changing the way you normally distribute your photos. This is truly content marketing at scale.

Stock Photo Companies

Stock photo companies

Znaptag can help stock photo companies make more money off their imagery, through new revenue streams. Znaptag pays a fee to the photo owner every time we use their data commercially, be it for ad targeting, brand safety or any other reason.

We can also collect data across our network on the actual usage of your imagery. E.g. what are the most popular photos? (most impressions), what photos are trending?, how do your photographers perform in terms of usage/audience? (fair commission distribution), and who’s using your photos unlicensed?

This is all possible because of our tried and tested proprietary reverse image search technology.

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Originally founded in Sweden, and currently with offices in Stockholm, London and New York, Znaptag is a supplier of technology and data primarily to online publishers, brands and stock photo companies, that enables them to leverage the value of their digital imagery in the most efficient way possible.

Our platform collects data on published photos and its surroundings that, through advanced reverse image search technology, can be used to match marketing messages to the content of the photo in a brand safe manner. The platform also acts as an ad server, serving industry leading proprietary in-image ads, on both mobile and desktop.

Additionally, Znaptag acts as a broker of premium in-image ads across its network of major publishers.